Wow! This Hyper-Realistic Painting By Artists Maggi Will Leave You Amazed

We all agree that art has many forms. We don’t just see it as a painting, a sculpture or an architecture; art can be interpreted in almost anything. And for us, art goes through food. From stunning food presentations to chefs creating chocolate structures and so on, culinary art has surely become a genre that people have started to explore. The idea of ​​culinary art probably originated from the mixing of various cuisines, allowing for creative uses of multiple materials and dishes. Thanks to experimental cooking enthusiasts and social media, we get to see some wonderful culinary art! Along the same lines, recently an artist has been doing the rounds of the internet for her creation of painting a Maggi! His painting has caught the attention of many people and is also widely shared.

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The artist who goes by @VforVendakka_ on Twitter shared a snapshot of his hyper-realistic painting of Maggi. This undoubtedly surprised a lot of people! In the post, she wrote, “My old Maggi painting.” Check it here:

Since the artist uploaded this photo, it has received nine thousand likes, 608 retweets and several comments! Even the official Twitter handle India Maggi gave their reaction to the painting. They said: “This photo surely took our ‘Dil.’ Keep showing the #maggilove.”

Many others also commented on the post. One user wrote: “At first glance this looked like the original pack, but after zooming in this is a serious painting.” Another user added: “That’s awesome!” Someone also said, “Shade is absolute class!”

Many people also couldn’t believe it was a real painting. One person wrote: “I just scrolled thinking someone posted a pic of the Maggi package but then I read the caption! Wonderful man!” Another person added, “Looked at the pic without the title and thought someone might post something nostalgic.”

That’s not all. Previously, the artist created a filter coffee painting and posted much the same. This post had gone viral and received 58.9,000 likes! Check it here:


What do you think of his work? Let us know in the comments below!

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