Painting with light at Midwinter Carnival

A blank canvas is an open invitation to any artist, but few are as large and as pristine as the one Sam Caldwell will fill this weekend.

A projection artist, Mr Caldwell will use the large open spaces of Burns Hall, next to First Church, for an artwork as part of this year’s Midwinter Carnival.

While the event’s flagship event, the Lantern Procession around the First Church, has been canceled due to inclement weather expected on Saturday, the rest of this weekend’s Carnival events are either proceeding as planned or being moved. under shelter.

In fact, Mr. Caldwell wouldn’t mind a bit of aqua on show night.

“I think a little rain wouldn’t prevent what we’re trying to achieve… if we were lucky enough to have a heavy fog that could be super interesting.”

The hall’s architecture, with its angles, battlements and windows, added to the project’s appeal for an artist, Caldwell said.

“I am not responsible for any of the projection mappings, I provide scalable textures, colors and images, and the work itself is quite textured and has some steep bits and interesting holes and spots and all sorts of things and shapes on the building will break that up pretty well.

“I have a huge library of things I’ve photographed over the last five years or so, interesting textures, liquids and various techniques, which I’ve scoured to find things that would suit the… carnival of this year.”

Mr. Caldwell’s work will be screened tonight and tomorrow night, 6-10 p.m. Friday and 6-11 p.m. Saturday.

The light will also adorn the nearby First Church for the night, with graphics on the church wall provided by Oamaru artist Derek Golding and Dunedin tattoo artist Tere Moeroa.

Mr. Moeroa’s designs, inspired by his Cook Islands heritage, have been adapted by Mr. Golding and relate a traditional myth, Ina and the Shark.

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