On the second day of Lit Fest, engaging discussions on culture and literature | Dehradun News

Dehradun: The second day of the Dehradun Literature Festival (DLF) on Saturday saw sessions from renowned panelists like Imtiaz Ali, Prahlad Kakkar, Piyush Panday and Jonathan Gill Harris. The highlight of the day was a session with filmmaker Imtiaz Ali and the screening of a musical “Jeena Abhi Baki Hai” by Samarant Virmani, Varun Gupta and Sudip Mukherjee. Speaking to the audience, Imtiaz said: “Events like this give us the opportunity to meet new people, which makes the experience much richer. Another mantra I live by is that I’m usually not disappointed if something negative happens to me. I know that in the end, something productive will surely come out of it.
The day started with a session entitled “Everyone has a myth to tell”. Panel discussions on topics such as “Changing the face of advertising”, “Stories are the bridge to art and culture” were also held.
Book launches and discussions on topics such as poetry, career choices, spiritualism, alternative education and science in India also took place during the day. Another highlight of the day was a session titled “Masala Shakespeare”, which focused on the similarities between the bard and mainstream Hindi cinema, presented by Jonathan Gill Harris in conversation with Siddharth Jain.
The first Indian Army war crippled officer to command a battalion and a brigade, Major General Ian Cardozo also led a session. Uttarakhand Police DGP, Ashok Kumar’s session on ‘Human in Khaki and Khaki Mein Insan’ involved a conversation with fellow IPS Amit Lodha.
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