New York State Fair Butter Energy Recycled Sculpture

According to a report by the Daily Star, the massive 800-pound butter sculpture on display at this year’s New York State Fair will be recycled and converted into electrical power.

According to the report, Noblehurst Farms in Western New York will combine broken down butter carving with other food waste and use the farm’s digester to convert the waste into electrical energy. The Farm Digester is used to power the Farm, Farm Creamery and around 350 houses and apparently the Butter Sculpture alone could power a single house for three days.

Chris Noble of Noblehurst Frams and Craigs Creamery told the Daily Star “We are honored to recycle the butter sculpture from the New York State Fair for the seventh consecutive year. We will mix the butter sculpture with other waste food and convert it into energy over the course of approximately 28 days, which will be transformed into electricity that will power homes in the local community.

According to an article by Marjolaine on Biogas World, researchers at Cornell University found they could cook food waste under pressure, turning it into a raw liquid that could then be turned into biofuel. And the post also said that food waste is $680 billion a year and that organic waste in landfills accounts for 15.1% of methane emissions in the United States, meaning that finding an efficient way to turn those food waste into energy is not only environmentally friendly. , but also fiscally responsible.

“Our awareness of the role dairy farmers play in solving the global problem of food waste has definitely increased,” Noble also said. “We hope our innovative food waste reduction practices will provide additional value as New York State focuses on methane reduction and carbon sequestration in the years to come.

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