joseph: The Towns Mirror Special: Painting his art

Rhea Roselyn Joseph is all 14 years old. And since she can remember, the student in class 9 has been The painting his heart – and his art – outside. Joseph likes use watercolors and line drawings and occasionally sketch.

The freestyle artist says she often draws inspiration from her grandmother’s painting style, which she has seen since she was little. “I can use both canvas and paper, and whether it’s a pen or brushes, I’m comfortable with everything. I love to make faces, she says.

“I find the line drawing very intriguing. It’s interesting how a few small lines can become an image, ”adds Joseph.

“As for painting, I love making watercolor decorations and flowers”, confides the inhabitant of City of Cooke. “I haven’t made any foray into oils yet; I plan to start during the next vacation. “One of my favorite works is the one with the stream and the paper boats (right); it reminds me of a rainy day in Kerala, that’s where I’m from.


But art is not all that Joseph loves. She is an avowed bookworm, and currently, is in the midst of Anthony doerrThe gripping war novel “All the Light We Can’t See”.

The cheerful teenager also enjoys everything architecture and design – especially interior design – and in her spare time, she can be found scrolling through social media, searching for pages and pages. artists.

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