DESIGN Canberra Festival announces 2022 program with over 200 events

The annual DESIGN Canberra Festival, which celebrates and promotes Canberra as a global design city, has announced the extensive 2022 program featuring over 200 events.

The 2022 program represents DESIGN Canberra’s largest offering to date. The ninth edition of the Festival includes an ambitious program of talks, tours, exhibitions, public art installations, workshops and symposiums that will be presented throughout the nation’s capital from November 2 to 20, 2022.

Presented by Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre, DESIGN Canberra 2022 explores the theme of transformation, inviting the public to speculate on how we might transform our city, our community and our world through design and creative practice.

“With a much-anticipated return to a full physical festival, this year’s program is achieved through a collaboration between artists, designers, artisans, industry, sponsors, educational institutions, organizations and supporters – all of whom contribute to the community of Canberra’s world-class design,” Jodie Cunningham, CEO and Creative Director said.

“Having postponed the festival to 2021 due to the pandemic, we are delighted to once again showcase the work of Canberra’s talented artists and designers and to engage our community in meaningful dialogue and programs that speak to the future of our collective design.”

Canberra sculptor Lucy Irvine – whose work transforms the traditional craft practice of weaving into sculptural installations – will be the 2022 designer-in-residence. Responding to the theme of transformation, Irvine has created a signature work for the Festival titled ‘The Stills’ , which will be on display at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space as part of the Home Made exhibition.

The 2022 program includes keynote addresses by authors Elizabeth Farrelly and Tony Fry, as well as artists Blanche Tilden and Tom Moore; an exhibition celebrating contemporary Italian design; open studio access to over 77 Canberra-based artists and designers; public art installations; architectural lectures and visits; hands-on “feed” making workshops; and an exhibition of luminous works influenced by the Bauhaus.

Key highlights from the DESIGN Canberra Festival 2022:

Architecture conferences: DESIGN Canberra’s Design Revisited series, supported by the Alistair Swayne Foundation, is a unique opportunity to celebrate architectural history and design excellence in a city of design.

Architectural visits: Explore some of Canberra’s modernist architectural homes, including Derek Wrigley’s Karma House and Little Loft House being refurbished by Lighthouse Architecture & Science.

Open workshops: Over 77 of Canberra’s top makers and designers open their studios during the Festival to give the public the opportunity to get a glimpse of their practice, philosophy and techniques.

2022 Robert Foster F!NK National Metal Award at Craft ACT: The inaugural award celebrates outstanding work in contemporary metalworking by designers and craftspeople.

Creative children: For the first time, DESIGN Canberra is offering programs for the whole family. Join local artists to weave a bush animal, create with clay or imagine your future Canberra in our design thinking workshops for kids.

Explore it 2022 program for the DESIGN Canberra Festival.

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Photo credits :

Lucy Irvine, The Stills, DESIGN Canberra 2022, Signed Artwork, Photo – Lean Timms

DESIGN Canberra Festival 2020, Cathy Franzi Open Studio, Photo – 5ft Photography

DESIGN Canberra Festival 2020, Spinners & Weavers Workshop, Photo – 5ft Photography

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