Dark Souls fan paints incredible Boreal Valley painting

A Dark Souls fan creates an amazing oil painting featuring one of the dangerous and beautiful places in the game, Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

Dark Souls 3 Irithyll of the Boreal Valley feature

From Software has made a name for itself in the action RPG genre by creating games with grueling difficulty, intricate and twisted storylines, and fantasy worlds that are as beautiful as they are terrifying. The Dark souls The trilogy is one of From Software’s best-known dark fantasy creations, featuring some of the developer’s most iconic creations. A fan of the trilogy recently created a tribute to a particularly memorable place in Dark Souls 3, Irithyll of the boreal valley, capturing it in an oil painting.

Irithylle of the boreal valley is a non-optional area in Dark Souls 3 that players must go through in order to progress. There, players must face hordes of unseen enemies and towering guardians, attacking with a mixture of fire, darkness, and magic. However, the location itself is blessed with otherworldly beauty, its snowy streets and grand architecture resembling something of a more typical high fantasy setting.


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Redditor LongFineArt painted several more Dark souls locations, but their attempt to capture Irithyll’s icy beauty from the boreal valley can stand out from other enthusiasts. The oil painting depicts the location’s bridge, well known to fans due to the Beast of Sulyvahn appearing behind players as they attempt to cross it. LongFineArt showcased the dark environment in shades of blue and white, which helps to capture the look of a cool nighttime haze and what appears to be a hint of the bluish Aurora Borealis. While the Northern Lights are often presented as green, they can also appear as blue or purple.

Although Sulyvahn’s beast itself is not present in the painting, its presence seems to be felt viscerally by fans who have played the game. Many of the responses to this painting expressed fear or frustration that seems out of place considering the melancholy air that we find in the painting itself. The attention to detail is so thorough that the painting could be mistaken for a screenshot of Irithyll from the boreal valley.

At the time of writing, it looks like other fans are very impressed with LongFineArt’s work. It is not the first time Dark souls fans have created tributes to their favorite games, but it is perhaps one of the biggest. Several users posted complaints and strategies on how to get Sulyvahn’s Beast under the bridge, while others praised LongFineArt for their skills. It was noted that the painting reminds them a little Transmitted by blood, a later Soulslike game from the same developer.

Dark Souls 3 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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