Connective Precinct to attract families to downtown Perth

The Perth Cultural Center will become the beneficiary of a $35 million injection, which will link many of its cultural institutions and provide a welcome boost to Northbridge and the CBD.

Supervised by Perth-based consultancy TRCB, the works will see the amphitheater demolished, with the development of a more accessible and graded streetscape. The Western Australian government is contributing $25 million to the project, with the federal government pledging $10 million of the $1.7 billion Perth City Deal.

“Part of the work we did for a new master plan neighborhood (east) we identified some really fabulous opportunities and challenges and issues of the place,” says TRCB’s Fred Chaney.

“One of them is the idea of ​​a new major public space in the heart of the enclosure. The neighborhood is blessed with all these amazing institutions co-located within a block.

“There is nothing that really connects them, and there is certainly not a space that functions as a relaxation space. The moment you go to the Cultural Center you go there to go to the museum, you don’t you’re not going for fun. That’s a really critical outcome and goal for this project, that we can create a space where people want to go there.

“We believe this can be a space for transformation and a new identity for the Cultural Center.”

The WA Museum Boola Bardip, Art Gallery of Western Australia, State Library and State Theater Center will all be better connected once upgrades are complete. A car park at the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA) will be demolished to introduce better connections to Beaufort Street and create a new children’s play area.

The project will create a multitude of local jobs and support tourism in the region. Increased lighting and security will make the Cultural Center an ideal destination for families and tourists.

“The McGowan government’s commitment to this project will see CCP transform into a more vibrant, welcoming and accessible place for West Australians and tourists alike,” said Minister for Culture and the Arts, David Templeman.

“This additional funding from the state government means we can further deliver on the vision outlined in the precinct master plan, giving a major boost to the overall redevelopment.

“Over the past five years, we have delivered the beautiful new WA Boola Bardip Museum and the AGWA Rooftop. This project will help marry CCP cultural institutions in a way that combines safety, ambiance and entertainment.

To view the PCC master plan in its entirety, Click here.

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