Bloodborne’s moon presence came to life with a fan sculpture and it’s beautifully hideous

CaptainClayface has shared his latest sculpture – the grotesque final boss of Bloodborne.

Lunar presence transmitted by blood

The Lunar Presence is a nightmarish Eldrich monster that you face at the end of Bloodborne. To even summon them and get the ending where they are the boss, you need to consume three umbilical cords. It is very grotesque but, again, it is a Lovecraftian horror run by FromSoftware. But one fan took it a step further by sculpting this demon.

This is from CaptainClayface who actually sold this work, even saying on Reddit that they accept requests, “Just message me with whatever you want. I love making requests. I can never decide what to sculpt. then, so that makes it easier for me.

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“I have a bunch of Bloodborne stuff that I sculpted, so I thought it was a good place to share. Sculpting taught me patience, for sure. [I use] polymer clay and acrylic paints plus wire and wood for the base and the frame. Ebrietas was much harder [to put together]. Honestly, painting is the worse gone for me because I have all possible forms of color blindness. ”

The sculpture itself is completely handmade with a foundation supporting it. In the background of the photo above, you can even see patches. It’s that damn untrustworthy that tends to knock you off the cliffs every time you meet him, first appearing in Demon’s Souls.

However, these are not the spider patches that we come across in Bloodborne. It appears to be based on the cleric hating variant that we meet in the original Dark Souls. You know, the one who cheats on us with a boot in the butt in a dark crypt full of skeletons?

Either way, CaptainClayface promises to share more sculptures to come, so be sure to keep an eye out for their Reddit.

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