between a house and an art space in the middle of olive trees

In the rustic setting of a gently sloping olive grove in the south of the Peloponnese, a couple of art collectors commissioned LASSA – architects to create a space with a dichotomous value: that of an intimate, isolated, almost cloistered house, and that of a public place to exhibit their collections.

The unifying element of the composition is the corrugated enclosure wall in in situ reinforced concrete, where undulations of different widths and frequencies generate vivid chiaroscuro effects on white surfaces battered by the sun; with differentiated heights, the wall reaches its maximum height at the level of the foliage of the surrounding olive trees then descends towards the ends of the building, so as to be as discreet as possible in relation to the landscape.

A multi-lobed plastic layout divides the interiors into four wings located on the hillside around the central core with the entrance and the living room: the north, south and east wings – which include the private spaces and the services – end with three small ones. , introverts interior patios reminiscent of a hortus conclusus for meditation, while the west wing, open to the public, has a staircase leading to the upper terrace with stunning views of the landscape and the sea.

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