Art, history and literature students will seek jobs in technology

Although in general, for young Mexicans, the most important aspect in their professional development is “the growth of practice and employment”, this priority is higher among women (78.4%) than among men (69.6%), with information technology (IT). indicated by a survey. Solution provider, Mphasis.

The study of more than 600 students showed that when talking about work, 38.5% of men and 41.3% of women chose “salary and working conditions”, whereas the latter “choose their character and personality at work”. They are more inclined towards “the work environment, the team and the colleagues”.

In this regard, Mphasis, President of New Client Acquisition at Elango R, revealed that 71.1% of art, history and literature students plan to work in the technology sector, compared to 66.7% of students. in science and literature. Mathematics, but added, in these fields is dominated by men (81.3%) and not by women (74.5%).

On the other hand, although 33.9% of technology students do not see any problems, 16.4% agree that “work is becoming more and more automated”, 47.1% of women affirming that “the values are still important in some situations”. against 43.5% of men.

Elango reported that 32.1% of students in technical fields consider their fields (software and hardware) to be the most impacted by automation, while 13.9% of law students identify automation as affecting the most banking and finance, which means that “students from all disciplines have their own concerns about how automation and technology will affect their professional roles in the future.

The emphasis expert assures that although people of all professions recognize that the “human touch” remains an essential element of all professional functions, 97.3% of Mexican students agree that the human factor (personality, values personal and personal character) ), do. Differences in technology implementation.

“We strongly believe that technology can help us become better human beings, not robots! Moreover, there is also a commercial motivation; Given the prevalence of technology and automation, more and more “human touch”, people’s determination Resolve, empathy and resourcefulness are what really make the difference in customer service” , Elango R.

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