Architecture of Neo Tokyo exhibition opens in Berlin

The 1988 movie AKIRA, based on the 1982 manga of the same name, is one of the most influential anime pieces ever created. The film and manga are set in the post-apocalypse cyberpunk city known as Neo Tokyo, a location that has become iconic in the cyberpunk and anime genres. The background artwork for the city is expected to have its own art exhibition titled “The Architecture of Neo Tokyo” which will be displayed at the Tchoban Foundation, Museum of Architectural Drawing in Berlin, Germany, presented by the Riekeles Gallery. The exhibition will start on June 4 and will last until September 4.

The exhibit will feature 59 original production backgrounds, layout drawings, concept designs, and image boards that were used to bring the city of Neo Tokyo to life in the film. These works of art have never been exhibited outside of Japan, only a few have been officially released. The exhibition will include the works of Toshiharu Mizutanithe acclaimed feature film’s art director, as well as his colleagues who worked on the project, including Katsufumi Haru, Norihiro Hiraki, Shinji Kimura, Satoshi Kuroda, Hiromasa Ogura, Hiroshi Ono, Hajime Soga, Tsutomu Uchidaand Takashi Watabe. This exhibition joins a growing range of animated architecture that has been featured at the Tchoban Foundation, Museum of Architectural Design, with 2016’s “Anime Architecture” showcasing similar works from the cities of ghost in the shell, Patlabor – The movie, and Metropolis.


AKIRA is celebrated as one of the best anime and sci-fi films overall, making it a cornerstone of Japanese animation with many other films from Japan and around the world paying homage to it. As the official description of the exhibit says, “For many viewers, AKIRA was the first film that they perceived as anime – as specifically Japanese animation. In this capacity, he had a considerable influence on an entire generation of moviegoers. A lot of AKIRAThe cinematic power comes from the opulent depiction of the film’s iconic city, Neo Tokyo.”

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Stefan Riekelesmanaging director of the Riekeles Gallery, will organize the exhibition in collaboration with Nadezhda BartelsDirector of the Tchoban Foundation. Hiroko Myokam of Eizo Workshop (Japan) will also be co-curator of the exhibition. The exhibition will also sell select copies of the pristine artwork, with them currently taking preorders. These will include premium solographer reproductions that will be signed by the artists, with only 25 available, as well as poster prints. Delivery begins Tuesday, June 7, 2022.

The exhibition “The Architecture of Neo Tokyo” at the Tchoban Foundation, Museum of Architectural Design in Berlin and presented by the Riekeles Gallery will begin on June 4 and will be available until September 4. You will find additional information on the official website of the exhibition here.


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