AGS Duqm celebrates world literature

During their English, Arabic, music and drama lessons, the children’s learning focused on the study of fairy tales, African folk tales, original tales and Arabic literature . Through this range of writing styles, children are able to demonstrate their understanding of how an author uses storytelling to explain the origin of myths and the culture of a society.

This led the children to read unfamiliar texts and words to expand their use of vocabulary and develop the skills needed to create their own stories. During art lessons, the children created decorations for their classroom that reflect the country and origin of the stories they studied and during Arabic lessons, they learned to tell them in Arabic.

This interdisciplinary learning journey led AGS children to celebrate their learning, recite literature, recreate theater performances and perform music from around the world.

Director Mr. Peter said: “As educators, it is our responsibility to give children opportunities to express themselves. This event allowed them to do so through words, language and performing arts. Demonstrate confidence in their knowledge of writing, speaking, listening, performing, and most importantly the ability to have fun while learning.

“The children and teachers of AGS Duqm took this opportunity and worked together to create an amazing program for our community of parents to enjoy”

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