75th State Painting and Sculpture Competition ended

75th State Painting and Sculpture Competition ended

The winners of the 75th National Painting and Sculpture Competition organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have been announced.

The competition, organized since 1939 by the General Directorate of Fine Arts under the Ministry, in order to exhibit together the latest works of Turkish artists, bring new works to the art scene and consequently increase the productivity of artists, has been prepared this year on the theme “The 100th anniversary of the adoption of the national anthem”.

In the competition, which is followed with interest every year, many artists entered the competition with works in 4 different branches: “Painting“, “Sculpture”, “Original print” and “Ceramics”.

The prize money of the State Competition for Painting and Sculpture, which is the oldest art competition in the world, will be 298,000,750 lire. In total, 12 prizes of 20,000 TL and certificates of achievement will be distributed in the categories of painting, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics. 47 TL and a certificate of participation will be awarded to the winners of the exhibition prize consisting of 1,250 works.

The award ceremony and the opening of the exhibition, which consists of 59 works determined by the selection committee at the end of the competition, will be announced on the web pages of the ministry in the future, taking into account the pandemic conditions.

To the final list of the 75th State Painting and Sculpture Competition http://www.guzelsanatlar.gov.tr .

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