$10,000-$1M painting in the Frieze Viewing Room

Rebecca Sharp
The basics and my electric field2022
Oil on canvas

Presented by SeBooth FR7

Rebecca Sharp, The basics and my electric field2022, oil on canvas, 25 x 25 x 3cm, Courtesy of sé galeria, photo by Sara Way

Rebecca SharpPoetic oil paintings speculate on landscapes – partly topographical, partly psychological. Using meditation, Sharp creates surreal images of the unconscious that seem shrouded in an aura of mystery and fantasy.

Lewis Miller
n folds, in time, in folds2021
Oil on canvas

Presented by the Modern InstituteD5

Lewis Miller n folds, in time, in folds, 2021. Painting of a man clutching fabric.
Lewis Miller, n folds, in time, in folds2021, oil on canvas,
240 x 92 cm, Courtesy of the Artist and The Modern Institute/ Toby Webster Ltd., Glasgow Copyright The Artist

This work of Lewis Miller was created for his exhibition ‘Drapes‘ at Aird’s Lane Bricks Space, Glasgow, in which he exhibits a body of paintings that interact with the gallery’s distinctive architecture. Resembling film stills, a moment of pause suggests possibilities of what happened before this frame and what will happen in the next.

Secundino Hernandez
Acrylic on linen
$50 – $100,000
Presented by Victoria Miro
AT 5

Secundino Hernández, Untitled, 2022. Colorful and abstract painting with gestural marks on a sparse background.
Secundino Hernandez, Untitled2022, acrylic on linen, 116 cm x 199 cm, Courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro

Secundino Hernandez’His varied and energetic painting practice resists easy characterization. In his works you might recognize a physicality of marking reminiscent of Action Painting, cartoon figuration or passages evoking other pictorial precedents. Often his paintings feature intricately structured compositions that blend strong linear elements and rich bursts of color.

Kang So Lee
Acrylic painting on canvas
$100 – $250,000
Presented by Hyundai Gallery

Kang-So Lee, Emptiness, 2011. Abstract painting of black gesture marks on a light background.
Kang-So Lee, Vacuum-111542011, acrylic on canvas, 130.3 x 194 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Hyundai

Lee Kang So (born in 1942) is an indelible presence in the history of Korean contemporary art. Lee’s recent paintings are composed of concise yet graceful brushstrokes, evoking traditional East Asian philosophical ruminations on canvas. In his paintings, the “void” acts as a compositional element in dialogue with the lyrical mark.

Alice Neel
Irma Seitz1963
Oil on canvas
Presented by Xavier Hufkens

Alice Neel, Irma Seitz, 1963. Portrait of an elegant woman sitting in a chair smoking.
Alice Neel, Irma Seitz1963, oil on canvas, 111.8 x 81.3 cm, Photo credit: HV-studio, Courtesy of the Artist and Xavier Hufkens, Brussels

This portrait of Alice Neel (born 1900, Pennsylvania; died 1984, New York) portrayed Irma Seitz, artist and philanthropist. Seitz strikes a confident pose for the performer, Neel pays great attention to the model’s sophisticated clothing and jewelry.

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