Google grant is very helpful for nonprofits. It basically gives the chance to advertise on Google Adwords without any cost. The program usually gives skilled organizations $10000 per month, so that they can spend this money to promote their mission. In order to qualify they have to go through the application process.

Read this post by Waqar Ul Hassan at about basics of Google Grant:

What Exactly Is Google Grants And Why Is It There?

Written by Waqar Ul Hassan on July 18, 2016

Google is the biggest search engine giant on the internet. In fact, if you compare it with other search engines it is the only giant out there. All the websites on the internet are always looking to get higher rankings on Google’s search result pages. The higher they are in ranking pages the more clicks they get from millions and billions of Google users on a daily basis. This ranking is done on the basis of keywords, their use on websites and how much they are optimized on a website for search engines.

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For this an organization must hold up to date and valid charity status. Google grant also requires certification related to how they can receive and where they use this donation. The organizations like hospitals, schools, academic institution and universities are not eligible for Google grants.

Check out this slide by Taylor Corrado about 10 ways Google Grant can help non profits:

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Make the Most Out of Google Grants [SlideShare]

Written by Taylor Corrado
September 16, 2013

There are 3 billion searches a day on Google. Yes, we said billion.

One of the biggest missed opportunities for nonprofits is Google for Nonprofits, which includes a free membership and access to a variety of products including Google Grants, which is a $10,000 monthly grant to advertise on Google Grants has the potential of driving 10,000 to 40,000 new website visitors to your website each month. Nonprofits like Kiva, BeatBullying, Unicef, and charity: water all use Google Grants to fund their Google AdWords campaigns and drive more traffic through organic search.

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Google grant is not an easy task to obtain. 4 to 6 hours are required to finish the application process. If you are rejected you can apply for several times. You have to provide a proof or you need to write how you will use the Google grant. Furthermore you can also create an example ad for Google.

Watch this video by The Nonprofit Partnership to learn how to set up Google Grants:

You can have two types of results while working on Google grant. The results may be organic or paid. These are randomly selected by the Google. Whereas paid are usually listed above the organic results. Generally they appear on the top of the Google search page.

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