Sometimes it may be hard to find unique gifts for your loved ones, especially if their lives are occupied by a specific passion, such as sailing. However, the act of gifting our loved ones with something special is a custom deeply ingrained in us, and the more a person is important to us, the harder it is to pick a perfect gift for them. In this article, we will help you solve the everlasting dilemma of choosing the right gift for your loved ones. If your special someone belongs to the maritime industry, or if he/she is simply in love and interested by everything related to the sea, the best way to surprise that person is by buying a unique nautical gift. The perfect nautical gift for your loved one must provide an artistic insight into the vast sea world and add a little bit of touch of antiquity. Here are some smart and artistic gift ideas perfect for every occasion.

Nautical Decoration Pieces

The most famous nautical item is a ship wheel. If your special someone loves sailing, he must have an antique ship wheel mounted on his/her wall! This element will beautifully accentuate the delicateness and aestheticism of the interior especially if combines with the right colors such as navy blue or beige. If you don’t want to get a ship wheel, you can get a marine telescope or a ship in a bottle. Both elements are very trendy and interesting gift ideas.

If you are getting a gift for someone who isn’t in the maritime industry but loves sailing and ocean waves, you should get him a wooden ship model. Ship models are one of the most famous nautical gifts someone can buy and they are a perfect gift for someone who hasn’t been able to experience or enter the actual maritime domain.

Topographic Nautical Charts

If you are getting a gift for a passionate diver, a sailor, a life savior and similar, nautical charts and lake art gifts are a perfect way to evoke some beautiful memories in them. Topographic maps are an actual depiction of a certain location, and it is ideal for decorating someone’s home or office. This gift is also perfect for people who live near the coast such as Tampa Bay, New Jersey Shore (south or north), New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Long Beach Island and so on. These artistic nautical charts will intrigue and mesmerize everyone who sees them.

Ship Games and Nautical Books

If you don’t want to buy any marine accessories like nautical doormats, towels, and pillows, consider buying ship games or nautical books. If your loved one loves playing games, find one that will match his or hers interest in the marine and sea world. The best things about buying computer games are that they are both entertaining and educational. However, if your special someone loved reading books, you can buy him/her a book about the marine world. Depending on the interest, you can get an academic book or a novel. There are many beautiful maritime novels that tell fascinating tales about the sea and ocean adventures.