The first thing that represents your business to your potential customers and clients is a business card. Therefore, it should be well designed and attractive enough to draw the attention of those interested in your business. Presenting a good-looking card will make your customers and clients remember you and your business, every time they look at it.

The best-looking cards are usually made by professional companies . However, there is a good number of Business Card Perth companies, who can provide you with cards of the highest quality. There is an even greater number of those who are incapable of meeting the high standards and requirements of modern business card printing. That is why you should keep a few things in mind and follow certain guidelines, so as to make the best choice when it comes to picking the right business card and commercial printing company Perth.


Find the right company


First of all, make sure to avoid hiring a company that only offers design templates for printing. These templates are not nowhere nearly enough to portray the messages and values of your business. You should always try to look for a printing company that provides new and creative designs, specifically tailored to your business’ needs. Always keep in mind that your business card is the first thing your clients see, and first impressions are usually crucial when it comes to accepting or rejecting business offers.

Next up, when checking out a certain company, make sure to take a look at some of their sample printings, in order to assess the quality and effectiveness of tools and products they use and the various printing techniques they commonly implement during the process.

Once you’ve dealt with the task of finding the right company, you should get down to the basics of creating a well-designed business card.


Make an attractive and balanced design


Since these cards are rather small and have a very small space, incapable of accommodating lots of information, avoid stuffing it with too many messages. Always try to make your card as clean-looking and simple as possible.

One of the main elements of your card should be the logo of your business. Whenever a customer or clients sees your card, the first thing he/she will notice is your logo. Its main purpose is to remind them of your business, wherever they are. It is also what symbolizes it and becomes synonymous with it. Therefore, it should be as attractive and unique as possible.

You should also pay special attention to the design and color of your card. Both of these should be representative of your business and in accordance to image and the values it’s supposed to give off. Not only is it supposed to reflect your business and its values , but also look as a part of it.

Another good thing would be to make your card extraordinary and unique by adding various special effects. For this purpose, you can add various effects, such as the ink rose, lamination, embossing, UV coating and many more. This will make your card and your business stand out, and leave a long-lasting impression on your potential clients and customers. However, make sure to  avoid overstuffing  your card with effects, because that can leave a poor impression. Try to find the perfect balance, so as to create a smart and well-designed look.