It is a commonly known fact that a building and other concrete structures must have a solid and secure foundation.  After all, the underground base will hold up the whole structure. It is of a pure essence that this groundwork is done professionally, with adequate materials and knowledgeable and skillful contractors to carry out this task as well. It is easy to see the importance of piling, and its’ influence on the following processes.

So, what exactly is piling? Well, as you may be aware of, piling represents a method used by contractors to make a deep, solid base for concrete structures, like buildings. Professional piling contractors will drive and implant piles of wood, concrete or steel in the deep ground. By doing so, they will ensure the massive and stable support at the very basis of the structure. A strong foundation is an imperative for any construction project.

Piling materials usually involve wood, concrete or steel, such as a precast concrete pile, a vertical column of wood, a steel sheet pile, and many others. And, there are a lot of elements that have to be taken into account before the piling starts. Some of these aspects are the size of the particular construction project, its’ capacity, and extent; but also a composition, a type and a condition of the soil as well.

Contrary to the shallow foundation, in a case of deep foundation, the weight of the whole building is transferred to the deeper, solid stronger layer of the ground. This allows the adequate support for a construction project as it has the high bearing ability.

Are you familiar with screw piles?

Have you ever heard about screw piles technique? Do you know what is it all about? If not, it is a high time to get a little bit more informed about this method. Screw piles represent the construction technique which contractors use when building a deep foundation. Today’s version represents the newest improvement of the technology created in the 1830s by an engineer Alexander Mitchel. This steel screw-in piling method has been developing over centuries.  Every time a man has built a structure, he also needed a firm foundation for it to support the whole thing.

There are a lot of benefits connected to this piling technique. Firstly, screw piles are quite easy and quick to set up, so it will save you a reasonable amount of money, and time as well. There is no concrete or curing time so that everything will go faster. Also, screw piles are a sustainable solution as they are re-useable. Adjustable design and possibility to be installed in low temperatures are some additional advantages of a screw pile technique. This method represents an economical option contrary to the traditional piling.