Making plans for the perfect traveling adventure involves making many choices. Besides deciding where are you going to go, and deal with a bunch of paperwork, one choice might be crucial to your enjoyment: the choice between a group tour, or a private guide. Group tours can be a good choice if you´re interested in meeting new people, but also a bad choice if you find yourself having a hard time adjusting to the group´s schedule. Within a big group, there´s a small chance that you´ll get to see the things you want to. Besides that, you´ll always have to adjust your rhythm to the whole group, which can be a hassle especially if you like to do things a bit slower.  If following a strict schedule is something you wish to avoid, private tours are the best thing for you.

What makes private tours so attractive?

If you´re interested in having customized tours where you get to decide where you want to go and what you want to see, hiring a private tour guide to escort you and your travel companions is probably the best option available. One of the main reasons why people more often decide to take private tours is the possibility to much more questions than you could ever in a group tour. Also, getting a specialized attention gives you the chance to create your own schedule, and visit the places you actually want to see, when you want to see them.

The places you must visit in Australia

If by any chance you want to visit Australia (or are an Australian citizen), one thing you shouldn´t miss is private Melbourne tours. For example, you can opt for Great Ocean Road Tour, an adventure you can experience any time of the year. You´ll get to experience one of the best road trips next to probably the most beautiful coastal see sight 243 km along the Victoria southern coast. On this adventure, you´ll discover some of the most captivating scenery of hinterland, hamlets waterfalls, coves, small towns, and beaches. Some of the highlights you can expect to see are Split Point Lighthouse, The Twelve Apostles, Kennett River with its most famous inhabitants – koalas, Otway National Park, Port Fairy – a small fishing village where you can learn a lot about the history of the area or walk around to see many old whaler´s cottages.

Another thing you should definitely consider is Yarra Valley wine tours. Yarra Valley is one of the Australia’s most famous wine making regions. Since it´s not far from Melbourne (just an hour of driving), this is a perfect destination for a day trip. Approximately 70% of the visitors of the region come to Yarra Valley just for a glass of Pinot Noir and a tasting of some of the best cheese you can find in the region. Another reason why you should visit this area is the natural beauty of the place. You´ll get to see a perfect combination of natural reserves, vineyards, farms and wildlife. For any nature admirer, Yarra Valley lookouts are something that must be seen. And of course, it´s a perfect place for anyone interested in culinary tourism.