We live in tough economic times and it is very important to save as much as money as we can. Did you know that you could save a lot of money by doing careful groceries shopping? Many homeowners haven’t even think about the idea to save money this way, but it is possible! Read on to find how can you manage your money better and decrease your grocery spending.

Plan Grocery Shopping Ahead and Check for Sales

Always be prepared for your grocery shopping if you don’t want to end up buying things you don’t need at the moment. It is also wise to create a menu and exactly know what groceries you will need during the entire week. This way, not only you will save some money, but also your time because you will get all the necessary items in one trip.

Evert major market always has weekly sales. Many markets even post information about their sales online or form a catalogue. So, don’t be lazy and do some online research before you go shopping. If you don’t know where to look for groceries on discount, check Woolworths catalogue. After determining which foods are on sale, try making a menu for the entire week with these groceries. If you don’t have any luck, for example, meat isn’t on sale this week, focus your meals around rice or beans which are an affordable, but reach meat alternative.

Buy In-Season Groceries and Use Coupons

The simple reason to buy in-season groceries is that they are cheaper than fruits and vegetables that are not. For example, pears are in season in November and December, and if you take a look at the prices, you will notice they are much cheaper during autumn and early winter.

It is always wise to use a coupon occasionally because they can save you a lot of money. We are aware that these savings are rather small, but also it seems unimportant, it will eventually add up. While using coupons, be careful not to get seduced by low prices on products and items you don’t need. Stick to your list.

Buy Items from Different Stores

Don’t buy everything in one store unless you are in a hurry. Try to memorize some prices, compare them and get your groceries at most affordable price. There are many markets out there that offer different discounts, coupons, sales etc. Make sure you use the most of them! Compare Grocery Prices is something every homeowner must do if he or she wants to save money!

Never Shop on Empty Stomach

If you don’t like looking for discounts and sales as well as utilizing coupons, then try to shop as less number of times as possible. Our suggestion is to go shopping only once a month. In that case, it is allowed to shop at a maximum of two different stores. It is also very important to mention that you mustn’t go shopping on an empty stomach. If you shop hungry, you will end up buying a bunch of tasty looking items you don’t need.